U.K. retailer claims we will see affordable 4K TVs by 2014

4K TVs are beautiful, but they are also extremely expensive. Most of the major TV manufacturers have already unveiled their Ultra HD offerings, but the question remains: When will the average consumer be able to afford them? Speaking to Trusted Reviews, one United Kingdom retailer believes 4K resolution TV prices may be cut in half within the next year.

“At the moment there is a premium associated with 4K and we have seen that since launching the first 4K TVs a couple of months ago,” explained Jonathan Marsh, Head Buyer at John Lewis. “However, as we’ve seen these technologies mature, they have come down in price and become much more affordable very quickly. I think that it will be around the end of next year that we see 4K come in at the sort of price points that we would hope to see it so around £1,500 to £2,000, potentially maybe halving.”

Now that the first group of Ultra HD televisions are appearing on store shelves in the U.K., Marsh told Trusted Reviews that the increased availability of screen size options in the coming months should bring the price down as well. Flat screen televisions have become far more affordable on almost any budget over the past several years, so it stands to reason that more affordable 4K prices won’t be too far behind.


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