Infinity Blade 3 officially announced, hitting App Store next week

The third title in the immensely popular and graphically stunning Infinity Blade series of games for iOS has been officially announced, and will be hitting the App Store next week.

Infinity Blade III was demoed at Apple’s new iPhone event and will be wrapping up the trilogy. The game will take advantage of Apple’s new 64-bit A7 processor on the iPhone 5s, along with OpenGL 3.0 for improved graphical effects including depth of field, blur and lens flares “that would make J.J. Abrams proud.”

This time around, the game will offer two playable characters, each with their own combat moves: series protagonist Siris, and Isa, a “stealthy female warrior-thief” who was introduced in the second game. They’re joined by “the Hideout,” a new hub world that lets players “discover the interactive world map and unlock all-new allies to join their cause,” says developer ChAIR, hinting at a more open-world (though still linear) setting than the first two titles.

Infinity Blade III will be making its way to the App Store along with the iPhone 5s’ launch on September 20th, and it will also be compatible with the iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPod Touch, though you’ll naturally miss some of the flashy graphics, especially those that take advantage of OpenGL 3.0, which isn’t supported by the GPU on any current iOS device.

Here’s the Official Trailer! Check it out and Share your Views.


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