HTC calls Apple a follower, a supposed market leader after iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C launch

After Nokia, it is HTC to come up with its own take on the not-so-new features on Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. In a blog post titled ‘Here’s To Confirmation’, HTC calls Apple “the supposed market leader” and pointed out that with these new iPhones Apple has come out as a follower rather than “a game-changer.”

HTC ensures to be as sardonic as possible for the new iPhones and highlights that by using HTC One-inspired features Apple has actually proved that HTC is a pioneering innovator in the market. HTC also claims that how it has “a history of breakthroughs and firsts” and further highlighted the features on the One.

“The HTC One delivered true breakthroughs in sound, photography, and how you use your phone, all wrapped in jaw-dropping metal design that has caused more than a few iFans to do a double-take,” the post goes on.

It further mocks at the bigger pixel touting camera on the iPhone 5S as well as an iPhone 5-like features on the new iPhones, and said that “Compare the HTC One that to what you saw today!”…“An iPhone 5 that looks the same as the one before it, and the one before that,” followed with “It features a camera with bigger pixels!.. Sound familiar?” HTC even compares the iPhone 5C’s multicolored polycarbonate casing to its own Windows Phone 8X smartphone.

Nokia and HTC are no longer the leading smartphone brands globally. What would be really interesting to see is Samsung’s response to the new iPhones.


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