Seagate launches 500GB Hard drive for Android tablets

Storage solutions provider Seagate Technology today launched an ultra mobile hard disk drive for mobile devices. These will let users save data on the external hard drive using the company’s Mobile Enablement Kit which comes with its Dynamic Data Driver software tech. According to the company this new storage solution will deliver up to seven times the storage capacity of a traditional 64GB tablet and will work at par with a flash drive.

The drive measures 2.5-inch in size and comes pretty thin at 5mm, which makes it quite handy for even on-the-go use. In terms of storage capacity, the drive comes with up to 500GB of storage capacity. The company also claims that the drive has been tested through shock management, heat and vibration, and gyroscopic motion which make it resistant to daily wear and tear.

One can buy the Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD separately or along with the Seagate Mobile Enablement Kit which currently supports Android only, and will be available by September-end in India.


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