Sony PlayStation Vita TV mini console launched to take on the Apple TV

Sony has announced a new mini console which it calls the PlayStation Vita TV that will run PS One, PS Vita and PSP games in addition to supporting the remote play feature on the incoming PlayStation 4. The PS Vita TV uses the same chipset and platform software as the PS Vita. Sony has announced that it will price it at approximately $95, and it will launch on November 14 in Japan, which incidentally is the same day, the company will launch the PlayStation 4 in the US and Canada. Sony has also announced a separate $143 bundle that will come with an 8GB memory card and a DualShock 3 controller that works with the PlayStation 3.

The PS Vita TV will be launched with 1,300 titles from PS Vita games, PSP games and PS games from PSOne.

Compatibility with PS Vita games comes with a caveat as the DualShock 3 controller does not have the touchpad on the Vita and the games that need the touchpad will not work on the Vita TV. The Vita TV will support PS4′s remote play feature that will allow users to play PS4 titles on the PS Vita TV. Additionally, it will also act as a second Vita system to enable ad-hoc multiplayer gaming.

Notably, Sony wants to take on the Apple TV and has made the PS Vita TV compatible with a number of services that the PS4 will also support depending on the markets it is launched. In addition to this the console will also support PS Vita style apps.

While the Japanese launch has been announced, there is no word on an Indian release, but looking at the price point of the product and the functionality it brings to the table, it appears like a perfect fit for the Indian market.


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