Nissan announces smartwatch that connects with its cars [Video]

Not willing to be left behind in the latest fad of smartwatches, automaker Nissan today announced its foray into the smartwatch ecosystem with the Nismo watch. At a concept stage at the moment, the Nismo watch is meant to complement Nissan’s cars, allowing drivers to measure the efficiency of their cars and monitoring their own driving performance. The smartwatch would also monitor the driver’s biometrics via a heart rate monitor and send feedback based on their heartbeat.

The Nismo watch, which will be showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show starting tomorrow, will be available in three colors – red, black and white – and will come in a premium design with a snapfit mechanism to secure on the driver’s wrist. Interestingly, it will also monitor the driver’s online social feed, which Nissan says has been developed internally (sounds like Klout to us) and calls it social speed.

There is no word on the pricing or availability at the moment, considering it is still in concept stage, but Nissan says it will be shipped in cases made from tyre and rubber scraped from a racing track. It will feature a Lithium Polymer battery and a micro USB port. Nissan claims it will have a battery life of about a week under normal usage. It will also come with a companion smartphone app that will connect with the car over Bluetooth low energy. Check out the promo video below.


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