Alleged iPhone 5S product page leaked ahead of tomorrow’s launch

The cat might already be out of the bag ahead of tomorrow’s Apple iPhone 5S launch event but it doesn’t hurt to get more confirmations about what might be in store for us. After exhaustive leaks of the iPhone 5S, here’s one more from CTechCN that allegedly claims to have received images of the iPhone 5S product comparison page that will appear on Apple’s China website. While we cannot confirm the legitimacy of the images, it does confirm most of the things that we have heard and seen earlier.

The information on these pages confirm the fingerprint scanner on the home button and claims that Apple will let go of the rectangle marking currently found on the home button. It also confirms the A7 chipset that has been claimed to be about a third faster than the A6 chipset that powered the iPhone 5. The camera, according to the document, will retain the 8-megapixel count but will have a f/2.0 aperture as compared to f/2.4 on the iPhone 5. The dual-LED flash has also been confirmed.

Other interesting tidbits include 120fps recording in 1080p resolution in the rear camera (which was confirmed by Apple at WWDC while introducing iOS 7) and increased standby time of 250 hours from the 225 hours on the iPhone 5. We will come to know in just over 24 hours whether this is the real deal or not.


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