Yet more iPad 5 shell photos leaked, confirms iPad mini inspired looks

The man behind major photo and video leaks of the apple’s upcoming iPhone5S, iPhone 5C , iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 has yet again leaked a gallery of high resolution pictures of the iPad 5. In his latest photo album, Sonny Dickson has given a hands-on treatment to the fifth generation iPad model and has posted a number of photos showing off the casing of the upcoming device.

These photos confirm a thinner and sleeker iPad 5 which will come with an iPad Mini-like design. As we have seen in earlier leaks, the iPad 5 ditches those curvy edges of the previous generation iPad models to don a rather square and flatter frame as was seen on the iPad mini. It surely looks narrower, and has thinner side bezels than older iPad models, even though the display size remains unaltered.

Also, it will come with a chrome strip running across the sides. With speaker grills placed on each side of the 8-pin charging doc the bottom edge of the iPad 5 looks cleaner than ever. This apart, the camera placement on rear and front, as well as the power and separate-volume keys position on sides are the same as were on the iPad mini. One can also see the iconic home key right below the display in front.

Though these photos have revealed iPad 5′s exteriors for a clearer picture of the device, there still are doubts around its official unveiling at Apple’s September 10 event, when Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5C and 5S.


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