Philips announces a new DJ controller for iOS devices

Philips announced at the IFA that it is collaborating with world renowned DJ Armin van Buuren in manufacturing the M1X-DJ, a DJ controller that comes with a lightning connector.

The M1X-DJ essentially serves as a dock to your iPad and iPhone, and comes with two decks and a mini-mixer. It connects to iOS devices using a lightning connector. The controller works with Algoriddim’s Djay 2, which won a design award last year for its interface and features. The M1X-DJ comes with play and cue buttons that let you match the beat from the two decks accordingly, and there is also a sync button that lets you achieve that idea mix. Also included are the pitch and volume faders, a crossfader and various EQs. The controller lets you share mixes you created directly to SoundCloud.

The controller also doubles as a portable boombox and comes with three 80-watt speakers. It includes Bluetooth connectivity, and can run on batteries for five hours, or can be connected to a wall outlet. The M1X-DJ will be available starting November and will cost around $500. Find the hands-on video here:


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