BlackBerry looking at selling off the company in a jiffy by November: WSJ

BlackBerry is looking at a fast auction process that would wrap up the sale of the company by November, WSJ reports. The company’s board, according to the report, is looking at a quick resolution of the sales process. BlackBerry had announced last month that the company had formed a special committee to explore strategic options and it was open to selling off the company or taking it private.

Since then BlackBerry has held discussions with potential buyers, though it is more likely that the company would be sold off in parts. The news of Microsoft acquiring Nokia would only hasten the process as Microsoft was said to be one of the companies interested in buying BlackBerry or a part of it. The fact that Windows Phone has become the de facto third smartphone platform would only make BlackBerry a more difficult sale.

BlackBerry is reported to be considering spinning off BBM as a separate company to unlock its value. However, it has been reported that BlackBerry has been up on the shopping block since 2012 with its financial advisors reaching out to potential buyers without any luck. Another possibility that has been raised is BlackBerry could sell off parts of the company and become a niche player.

Whatever might eventually transpire, it seems we won’t have to wait for long to find out.


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