Nokia wants to break Google’s ‘KitKat’ in two

Following a video Google released yesterday, which was simultaneously an ad for the upcoming Android 4.4 ‘KitKat’ and a good-humored parody of Apple’s Johnny Ive, Nokia’s German branch released a somewhat less subtle jab at Google on its Twitter account.

Following in Google’s KitKat bar theme, Nokia’s German branch twisted the chocolate bar’s famous slogan in a competitive picture, portraying an Android device fracturing in twain, against a KitKat-red background.

The image was received with mixed reaction on Twitter’s website. Some users enthusiastically retweeted the image, with its hashtags “KitKat” and “Nokia” – the only certain indicators that the image was directed at Google.

Others, however, found it somewhat distasteful, and even ironic, considering the fact that the company will cease to exist on its own in 2014.

In any case, the gesture does seem somewhat misdirected, considering the fact that Google’s video was not targeted at Nokia, but at Apple, parodying product release videos from the company.

All the same, it is easy to understand that Nokia might be in an ungracious mood at the moment, after its devices and services unit was acquired by Microsoft. Sadly, there will never be a ‘Nokia’ phone again after 2014.

A Nokia phone, made by a company famous for its sturdy and well-built devices, is probably the least likely of all phones to crack like the one in this image.

But sadly, the same cannot be said of the company itself. In this sense, perhaps the image is a subconscious projection of Nokia’s own state.


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