Meet Sonny Dickson – the boy with the golden iPhone 5S

If you have been following the leaks surrounding the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C and have been as entertained as us, you probably need to thank a teenager from Australia. Meet Sonny Dickson, the boy who has been the most prolific leaker of Apple’s upcoming iPhones and iPads. “I’m really into fashion and music. I don’t really care too much about money, but I guess I like nice things and I want everyone to know my name,” the teenager who refuses to divulge his age tells me.

Dickson started out with a small phone repair company called Sonny’s repair. “I started it in my area as I had a fight with my local repair guy because he was selling fake parts,” says Dickson. That’s probably the time when he got in touch with parts sellers in China, who are also his source for the latest iPhone leaks. Dickson is behind the most high profile leaks including the complete shells for the champagne gold and graphite iPhone 5S as well as all the plastic shells of the iPhone 5C in multiple colors.

“Yes, I have had some of my sources for years but it has only been this year that I had a lot more,” he explains. Dickson has been leaking stuff since the first iPad came out, claiming he worked with Mark Gurman (of 9To5Mac) for a while in 2010. He started his site only this year and claims to be already getting over a million views every month thanks to his extensive iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C leaks.

But it isn’t just Apple that Dickson is after. “As people know, I leaked the Galaxy Note 3 screen before anyone else. Better watch out Samsung, Dickson is coming!” he exclaims.

Apart from leaking details about unannounced products, Dickson now plans to start his own electronics company in Australia. “We could be the next Kogan,” he says, noticeably excited. His plan is to bring OEM products directly from China under his own brand. “I cannot talk about it much, but it is going to be big,” he tells me.


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