Mystery Apple product expected to launch next year as company reportedly develops new 17W power supply

Rumor has it that Apple is developing a new 17W power supply that might power a mystery product. No one knows for sure that this product might be, but it is expected to launch in the next 12 months.

It is being said that Apple has recently started procuring low-cost components that will go into its new 17W power adapter. The company might be working on a portable product, this according to people familiar with the matter and particularly one person who is apparently familiar with the adapter’s design. It is also said that this adapter won’t be an upgrade for an existing product line, such as the iPad.

The company is expected to launch iPad 5 later this year, it will apparently come with the same 12W adapter that is currently available. It probably won’t be for the Apple TV set-top box, which has a 6W internal power supply. Probably not even for the iPhone which ships with a 5W power adapter. So what product is Apple working on that might use a 17W adapter?

One could endlessly speculate, but seeing as how these rumors originate from unofficial sources, one must really be cautious not to make any assumptions. It was rumored recently that Apple might make an unexpected TV related announcement, for all we know, the adapter might be for that product. Still it can’t be said for sure. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

Source: Apple Insider


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